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Andie Steele Smith is an exuberant Australian who has three passions; the joy of being a husband and father, the thrill of developing innovative businesses, and the fulfilment that helping others brings him.

His strong faith and beautiful family is Andie's inspiration. His desire to provide for them drives his success in business. The happiness they bring makes him more compassionate for those who aren't as blessed. Having four young children, certainly keeps him grounded.

Andie is a social entrepreneur, innovator, mentor, investor and public speaker. He seeks opportunities to work with talented people who may not have had the opportunity to achieve their potential. Andie believes that every single person has enormous potential, irrespective of circumstance.

He is a great believer that the greater the adversity conquered in life, the greater the entrepreneur. He is passionate about using social entrepreneurship as a tool for redressing injustice, particularly relating to poverty, human trafficking and homelessness.

Andie frequently speaks to business groups, charities, entrepreneurs and churches around the world about how they can use entrepreneurship and commercial enterprise to unlock growth and sustainability in their charitable endeavours.

An issue close to Andie is stalking. He is a survivor of a sustained campaign of harassment, stalking and cyber stalking by a self-proclaimed psychopathic stalker, targeting him, his family, staff and friends around the world.

Since 2011, Andie has become an advocate and supporter of the major UK anti-stalking charities. He is working with a major stalking charity on the design and implementation of a sustainable and proactive victim support agency. He is committed to finding effective measures to tackle this misunderstood crime.


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